AMS-IX and TESPOK reach agreement to close Kenyan based East Africa Exchange Point

Amsterdam - May 27, 2015 - AMS-IX and TESPOK have decided by mutual agreement to close the East Africa Exchange project. Since 2013, both parties have worked together to implement and support the creation of an Internet Exchange Point located in Mombasa, Kenya at the SEACOM Cable Landing Station. They believed strongly in the need for a regional IX. However, since the exchange point went live in mid 2014 it has proved difficult to attract parties to participate in the exchange. To date there have been only four parties who have connected to the platform, with only one international party namely Google and three Kenyan based parties.

This has led to the difficult decision to close the East Africa Exchange Point as of June 1st. This doesn’t mean that the development of the Internet infrastructure in East Africa has reached a standstill – on the contrary. There is currently a project underway supported by the African Union to create an East Africa Exchange Point supported by seven countries. AMS-IX believes that this initiative is the best for the African market, especially given that it will be owned and driven entirely by African based parties enabling the community to demonstrate that it is ready and capable to take the next steps in independently developing it’s own Internet infrastructure.

AMS-IX will be able to reuse the equipment which has been deployed in Kenya for other purposes in order to ensure that there is no loss of investment.

AMS-IX will continue to support the development of the Internet infrastructure in Africa via initiatives such as the African Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF), sharing our knowledge and experience, and the provisioning of equipment to developing Internet Exchanges.